Couple therapy helps you to talk things through
without losing touch with each other.
Difference doesn’t have to be divisive

Couple Therapy

Many couples I see enter into therapy feeling they are at their wits end with things—and each other. You are likely bumping up against the limits of old ways of relating that the relationship can no longer sustain.

As uncomfortable as this period can be, it can also be a turning point to move things forward—to evolve into something that meets both of your needs more fully.

Sitting with you and your partner, I take care to begin with learning where you each are at and taking time to understand deeply what each of your experiences are—in other words—what it is like to be each of you in this relationship at this time.

My interest is not in laying blame
but in helping you be able to know yourselves better
and begin to find healthy ways to reconnect.

Although this may feel like a time when things are falling apart, in my experience this can be a useful signal to create opportunity for change.

Here are some common couple themes that I can help you with in therapy:

  • Conflict avoidance: does your relationship have a pattern of “sweeping things under the rug”? 
  • Conflict that hurts: do you feel stuck in circles of blaming, withdrawing, and then feeling bad?
  • Conflict without Closure: Are you unsure about how to make things better when a hurt has occurred between you and your partner? 
  • Experiences of loneliness: in the relationship, do you feel disconnected from your partner? Does your relationship feel like it has lost spark?
  • Communication difficulties: are you finding that it is hard to talk through topics where you have a difference? Feeling that you are not being listened to (or are having a hard time listening also)?

Crisis and transition are like opportunities
blowing in a dangerous wind.
Couple therapy helps you keep your feet on the ground
& seize the opportunities in spite of the storm.

The good news is that if you are experiencing any of the above issues, couple therapy sessions can help you to:

  • Learn skills to talk through problems rather than cut off or fight. 
  • Move from stuck, defensive ways of relating to a more real sharing of hopes and needs.
  • Feel empowered to communicate your feelings and needs in a safe, facilitated environment. 
  • Reconnect the friendship between the two of you and rekindle the beginning embers of warmth. 
  • Create new patterns of relating to each other that help you to enjoy the relationship more fully.
  • Re-engage in knowing each other again—more deeply, more compassionately, with respect for what makes you two absolutely unique individuals on earth.
  • Build a shared vision for a better future together.

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